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Welcome to my homepage! My name is Zhen Zhu, a second-year master student in the VLR Group of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). I am advised by Professor Xiang Bai. I received my Bachelor's degree from school of Computer Science and Technology, HUST in 2017. My research interests are generative models, deep learning models and human-related vision, etc.


  • M.S. School of Electronic Information and Communications, HUST (September 2017 - Now)
  • B.S. School of Computer Science and Technology, HUST (September 2013 – June 2017)


  • Sep. 2019: I will serve as a reviewer for CVPR 2020.
  • Aug. 2019: I will serve as a Program Committee (PC) member for AAAI 2020.
  • July. 2019: One paper about semantic segmentation is accepted by ICCV 2019. :)
  • May. 2019: Our team have achieved 4 championships in ICDAR2019 competitions. Congratulations to us all. See our results of competition ReCTS and SROIE.
  • Feb. 2019: One paper about person image generation is accepted by CVPR 2019 as oral presentation.
  • Apr. 2018: One paper about texture synthesis is accepted by SIGGRAPH 2018.
  • Feb. 2018: Two papers about text detection and aerial object detection are accepted by CVPR 2018.
  • Jan. 2018: One paper about text detection is accepted by DAS 2018.
  • Mar. 2017: One paper about Chinese calligraphy synthesis is accepted by ICDAR 2017.


You can visit my Google Scholar for my publications.

Asymmetric Non-local Neural Networks for Semantic Segmentation
ICCV 2019
Zhen Zhu, Mengde Xu, Song Bai, Tengteng Huang, Xiang Bai
[ Arxiv preprint ] [ Code ]
Progressive Pose Attention Transfer for Person Image Generation
CVPR 2019 Oral presentation
Zhen Zhu, Tengteng Huang, Baoguang Shi, Miao Yu, Bofei Wang, Xiang Bai
[ Arxiv preprint ], [ Code ], [ Demo ]
Non-stationary Texture Synthesis by Adversarial Expansion
ACM Trans. on Graphics (Proc. of SIGGRAPH 2018)
Yang Zhou, Zhen Zhu*, Xiang Bai, Dani Lischinski, Daniel Cohen-Or, Hui Huang
(* joint first author)
[ Project page ], [ Code ]
Feature Fusion for Scene Text Detection
DAS 2018
Zhen Zhu, Minghui Liao, Baoguang Shi, Xiang Bai
[ Paper ]
DOTA: A Large-scale Dataset for Object Detection in Aerial Images
CVPR 2018
Gui-Song Xia, Xiang Bai, Jian Ding, Zhen Zhu, Serge Belongie, Jiebo Luo, Mihai Datcu, Marcello Pelillo, Liangpei Zhang
[ Paper ], [ Project page ], [ Code for Faster R-CNN OBB ]
Rotation-sensitive Regression for Oriented Scene Text Detection
CVPR 2018
Minghui Liao, Zhen Zhu, Baoguang Shi, Gui-song Xia, Xiang Bai
[ Paper ], [ Code ]
Auto-Encoder Guided GAN for Chinese Calligraphy Synthesis
ICDAR 2017
Pengyuan Lyu, Xiang Bai, Cong Yao, Zhen Zhu, Tengteng Huang, Wenyu Liu
[ Paper ]


  • Conference reviewer: ICCV 2019, AAAI 2020, CVPR 2020
  • Journal reviewer: TPAMI, PR


  • National Fellowship 2018
  • Zhixing Outstanding awards 2018
  • Outstanding graduates 2017


  • I am a self-motivated person and always remind myself about my duty and goal.
  • I'm optimistic and humorous. I see things from a positive view and have good control and ability to resolve negative emotions.
  • I'm good at team work and believe nothing could stop a dedicated team. I often play as the leading position in the team.
  • I love MOBA games. I've played "Arena of Valor" for two years in my spare time. I'm serious about every battle in the game and always try my best to win.
  • I love reading celebrity biographies. I want to learn from their experiences and the way they face failure or success.